• Jodie Hodgkins

What jeans should I get? The denim dictionary.

Let’s define your jeans so that you can refine your pins.

Wide leg


  • Modern sister of the flare jean;

  • This loose fit through the legs jean is great with a higher waist to help you to draw in the waist and visually lengthen;

  • Perf, for creating balance for bigger busts and bums.

See the wide leg pic-tionary for inspo.

Skinny leg


  • A ye’ old favourite in today’s society if you don’t know what they are you may live under a rock;

  • Tight, close body fit from the waist down – they act like a second skin;

Great for defining your legs and can be slimming – hot tip: opt for thicker material.

See the skinny leg pic-tionary for inspo.

Straight leg


  • Trend Alert: Some say this style is projected to overtake the skinny jean as the jean of 2020;

  • It’s straight-up, straight from hip to ankle;

  • Creates a lovely long, lean look

See the straight leg pic-tionary for inspo.



  • This classic cut is reported to make a come-back, appearing on runways and the Duchess of Sussex (aka Duchess of style);

  • Slimmer at the knee and wider at the ankle;

  • Don’t let the name fool you. Chunky trainers and heels can also work well with this boot designed jean.

See the bootcut pic-tionary for inspo.



  • The term ‘boyfriend’ in fashion refers to a design that corresponds to a men’s garment. The term ‘boyfriend’ in real life generally means pain in the ass.

  • Slightly oversized fit to look like you didn’t do the washing, and raided your boyfriend’s jeans.

  • A trendy look that can be laid-back or dressed up. This relaxed, slouch & cuffed jean really is a versatile number

I wonder what the dirty stop out jean would look like?

See the boyfriend style pic-tionary for inspo.

'Mom'/ Mum


  • A more feminine style to the boyfriend silhouette with a loose, baggy fit

  • Generally higher waisted to add a nice shape around the bum, gives the illusion of a bigger bum.

  • Likely to be spotted in old Kodak camera photos on your mum while holding your 5th birthday cake with a perm.

See the mom style pic-tionary for inspo.



  • This curved ‘balloon’ jean is a billowed, wide-leg crop that will create and emphases curve around your hip and minimise the waist.

  • A fab jean if you like to highlight your hips or have a slimmer frame.

  • Gives instant style. Just add: cute shoes.

See the balloon jean pic-tionary for inspo.

Kick flare


  • The Kick-flare crops at the mid-calf.

  • As it fits slim through the upper leg, the cropped flare will add shape to the bottom half for those that want to create balance in their shape.

  • Whist it’s a match made in heaven for smaller, petite frames it can also quite figure flattering with a tucked top for those who want to show off their shoes.

See the kick flare pic-tionary for inspo.

I can’t tell you what jeans you should wear for your body shape. You’ll find other blogs out there that will tell you to wear the XYZ jean if you’re hourglass, apple or square. I won’t do that. 1. Bodies are not objects to me. And 2. When it comes to picking your jeans… there’s so many things to consider – waistline, colour, quality, etc, and most of all you. Everyone is different and one size does not fit all my friend.

Any other jeans you want covered? Let me know in the comments below.

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