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It's nice to e-meet you.

As A Modern Minimalist, I help busy professionals, mums and everyday women put together a capsule, functional and stylish wardrobe that makes them look and feel amazing every single day. Since finishing my studies with Australian Style Institute in 2019, I have worked with lots of clients, helping them to achieve the style they want to be their best self - and dress like it! Having confidence in how you dress is an invaluable investment.

I love the idea of simplicity and minimalism. The less is more approach is now relevant more than ever (at least that’s what my credit card tells me) and conscious dressing plays apart in not only identifying with our authentic selves and connecting with each other, but in our influence to sustaining this beautiful world we live in. I stand for buying less and choosing well!

Having worked in corporate environments for many years, I can offer a well-rounded perspective on self-presentation for both work and play for any body shape and personality.

Fun Fact: My beautiful mum tells me that when I was a tiny bambina, I used to blow bubbles and rub labels – if that doesn’t mean I was born to love fashion – I don’t know what does!

I hope that helps you to get to know me, I’d love to get to know you!

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